Sailing Races

There are many adventures on this earth that you can do. There is mountain climbing or cycling or bungee jumping or skydiving and much more. You can also choose if you want land adventure or mountain adventure or our subject that belongs to the water adventure.

Sailing is one of the water activities that many people have already mastered and so they can enter into competitions. Let us know the different types of sailing races.

Match racing. This type of race involves two competitors having a similar boat to use for the race. It has its own scoring system and obviously, the one who arrives in the finish line first is the winner. But it is not a just simple race though it is only for twenty minutes as they have challenges along the way to be the first to arrive in the finish line.

Team Race. As the title implies the race is composed of teams competing against each other. It is the same with the first type that two competitors but it is a team. The boat they use is not just one but two to four. These boats receive each score and tallied to see the winner.

Fleet Race.  This is the type of race that is most common and this competition type involved hundreds of different boats to compete. It has two set of format and the scoring system is also set. They get the top ten boats with the lowest score and they are the ones who will compete in the final race.