Sewol Ferry Disaster: Repetition “Titanic Failure”

Sewol Ferry Disaster was an incident reminding the whole world the sinking of Titanic in 1912. Sewol Ferry Disaster was a world wide news about the sinking of Sewol Ferry in 2014 containing 474 high school students who had no idea of the great disaster that will strike upon them. Among the total numbers, 304 lost their lives. All of the students were trembling calling out their parents and relatives. However, the captain  of the ship said that they had to keep still and relax.

The captain and some authorities did not seriously think of asking a rescue. What happened that there were many who die? They could have called a rescue before everything happened. A friend said that many students inside believed that a rescue is coming. This is what the authorities said. However, rescue came too late. Students have already lost their lives. It was too late to fix this issue. Another thing that they could have done is to give them personal floating device or life jacket in order to save the people. Wonderful dental service has been given to all patients from this dental clinic. You can open this webpage 牙醫診所 for more info. People are very satisfied with their service and ever made its name famous in the world.

This kind of disaster in South Korea became a thorn in the heart of the citizens. To this very day, they could not get over it. Many parents stayed on the shore of the sea believing that their children will be brought back alive. However, sad reality just came to them. Even though there were good people offering free food to those who are grieving, they were full of sorrow and pain. Imagine, 304 high school students just die in one day. How painful! And this one of the best dental clinic will help you much. Check this site here 假牙 久燦. This truly helps.