Why a ship does not sink though it carries tons

It is actually a question why a ship does not sink when in fact, it caries heavy load? Why is that? In order to a=understand this, we have to consider bouyancy and bouyant force. The underwater force that pushes upward a light object is an upthrust or bouyant force. The law of universal gravity is applied here too. Heavy objects is pulled down by the gravity. However, condensed air goes up since its gravity is weak. It is the same on water.

If you press down a balloon do you feel hard pushing it down as if there is a force pushing it back? Actually, there is really a force pushing it back. This is due to the law of bouyancy that when an object of lesser volume stays on water, it floats. Balloon has a light density which makes it hard to go down. This is the same with the ship. In order for the ship to float, the compartment as the bottom of the ship is full of air. This contrasts with the water. Giving my mother what is the best is through the idea of buying her a dress. A mom’s dress is special for them, specially if it is designed great. That is why I am glad that I choose this bridal to buy for my mom’s beautiful dress to wear.

Actually, it can be summed up that because of the volume of the bottom of the ship, it does not sink. However, if there is no compartment made on the ship, the ship will sink like a stone that drops on water. There is a total difference when you drop a stone on water. The stone volume is heavier than water. There is no space inside the atone that is enclosed. This is why ship can not sink no matter how heavy it is. Get to have your service as you grow old. You can check this site here 長照中心. This is simply a nice company.