Different Transportation Channel on Land and Water

Knowing the transportation channels on land and water is one of the most amazing work that has been produced. It means man’s life has been upgraded and we can live our life happily even in hard times. We use these transport in order to do whatever we want to do. We can go wherever we want to go.

1. Train- Train is one of the fastest land transport. There are so many kinds of train that we can see in all around the world.

A very long land transport that can accommodate many people. It is a very noisy transport but it is the fastest land transport that among so many land transport. It is even cheaper than bus.

2. Airplane or Jet plane- People cannot fly. However, people have invented this kind of transport in order to to go overseas and reach faster the destination. A plane can be 5 times faster than a bus. And you can try over this eye clinic to have your check up 眼科診所. It can also be a practical transportation in countries of many island rather than using ship transferring from an island to another island.

3. Boat- This is a transport from an island to another, or from one country to another. It is cheaper far cheaper than a plane but it takes long days or even weeks to go to another destination.

4. Bus and car- This are the most practical way to use in daily life. Actually, having your own car is far more advantageous than riding a bus everyday. It is not because we can afford it but it is for practicality.

5. Spaceship- We can be transported to the space using this craft. Just in case you got myopia problem as you travel in space, you can first consult to this clinic. You can go to this webpage 眼科診所​典範 and find relevant service for you. Well professional doctors are working in here.